About me

Noah Senden

Hello, I am Noah Senden, a Belgian composer born in 1998 in Antwerp. My passion lies in creating music for the classical stage, with a unique focus on the contemporary genre. Film and music theater also hold a special place in my heart.


Music has always been my passion. My journey began at the age of seven with harpsichord, piano, and violin lessons. The pivotal moment came at twelve when I started composing my first pieces, marking a significant turning point in my musical development. 

In 2016, I commenced my composition studies at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (RCA), guided by Wim Henderickx, alongside eminent mentors such as Bram Van Camp, Mathias Coppens, Luc Van Hove, Alain Craens, and Luc Anthonis. 

In 2020, I participated in an Erasmus exchange at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) in Tallinn. Estonia ignited my fascinations, and I fell in love with the beautiful Baltic nature, the unique tonal colors in the music of local composers, and the choral world. It was an honor to study under my main mentor Tõnu Kõrvits, as well as composition teachers like Helena Tulve and Toivo Tulev. I also joined the EAMT choir under the direction of Tõnu Kaljuste, one of Arvo Pärt’s regular conductors. Additionally, I attended enriching masterclasses with figures like Toshio Hosokawa, Thomas Adès, and Pēteris Vasks. 

In 2021, I graduated with great distinction, earning my master’s degree in composition. I express sincere gratitude to a remarkable composer, both musically and personally, my former mentor Wim Henderickx (1962-2022). His energy was a source of inspiration for many, and his influence on my life is extraordinary; I will be forever thankful.

Career as a Composer 

My journey as a concert composer and arranger has brought me into contact with renowned names in the music world, including the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, HERMESensemble, Jef Neve, I Solisti, Kugoni Trio, Desguin Quartet, Koi Collective, La Passione, and many others. 

In January 2020, the Duo Kottos Composition Competition in London awarded the first prize to my composition “5 Visual Fragments.” One of the collaborations with Musica and Antwerp Symphony Orchestra resulted in the performance of my orchestral work “STATIO” at the Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp. For my graduation project in May 2021, I organized an online music theater performance called “TRANSPORT XXI,” benefiting Amnesty International and themed around human rights. 

I’ve also honed my skills as a film composer with engaging projects, including the feature film “Rise and Shine,” directed by the South African Jeremiah Joél. Since April 2021, my work has been broadcast daily on national television in the VLAM commercial. Additionally, I provided music for various visual projects, such as the game Captain Cigarrr and several short films.

Musical Vision 

My approach to music is infused with a poetic, tangible, and challenging character, aiming for imagination with a touch of magic. Like many composers, I cherish the dream of bridging the gap between the everyday audience and the world of contemporary classical music. 

Music, an abstract art form, invites countless connections with other disciplines. It is movement, color, emotion—a language spoken by everyone but translated in different ways. Therefore, my compositions often contain a connection with extramusical elements and everyday concepts, such as the qualities of water and the perception of time. Each note holds a unique value and is an essential part of the greater whole. 

I am fascinated by how today’s great composers achieve their individuality by developing a completely unique musical system. It is no longer obvious to blindly follow the rules of classical harmony; hence, originality is a crucial aspect. 

In summary, I believe it’s important to challenge the audience with a distinctive musical language while simultaneously striving for familiarity.

Other Musical Passions 

For several years, I’ve shared my love and knowledge as a teacher in composition, music theory, and recording techniques. Currently, I fulfill this role at the music academies of Brasschaat, Merksem, and Kapellen, where I have the privilege of sharing my passion for music and stimulating artistic growth in others. 

My personal fascination also translates into a passion for recording techniques, with various personal initiatives and a few modest professional projects to my name. I am very enthusiastic about this aspect of music production and aspire to further deepen my knowledge. 

During my conservatory education, I enjoyed six years of choir conducting under Luc Anthonis (RCA) and Hirvo Surva (EAMT). As a conductor, I had the opportunity to collaborate for several months with the youth choir Cantilene, with a highlight being participation in “Koren voor C(H)ŒURS” at the Royal Opera of Antwerp. Additionally, I conducted a string orchestra linked to the music academy of Ekeren.

Current Projects 

At present, I am working on an enchanting music theater production for children in collaboration with Clara Cleymans, Stijn Saveniers, and Casco Phil, highlighting the Antwerp story of the Lange Wapper. This performance premieres on April 21st at the Handelsbeurs.